Whether you are a solo artist or a band, there are many different styles of video to choose from, below is a selection of examples is the most popular styles.

All content Shot, Edited and Directed by Ethan Neville


Classic style of music video (especially for bands) focusing on a theatrical section cut with band performance shots. Usually takes 2-3 days to film and up to 2 weeks to edit.

'Walk & Talk'

'Walk & Talk' is a really popular style with quick turn around rap videos/cyphers. Depending on location, can be shot in 1 day and the post production usually takes a week with editing and visual effects or less time if you opt out of VFX.


If you would like to have a studio style shoot and need access to a white backdrop studio contact me to book one. Booking the studio is an additional charge. Takes 1 day to film (depending on concept) and up to 2 weeks to edit.